Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's About Time!

So I'm setting up this blog to keep family and friends updated on our family (especially Will)without having to send out emails with pictures to everyone. I've been meaning to get this started. First I was going to start it when he was six months old. Then nine months. Now he's over 10 months. I thought about waiting until his birthday, but figured I'd accidentally let that day slide right by too. So here it is today. Feel free to share this link with anyone you think may be interested in seeing a multitude of pictures of Will.

Here are a few pictures to get us caught up.

Will's very first picture!

Will and Lila

Will's first bath from Mommy in the NICU

Sleeping at home

Sleeping on Grandpa's chest

Will's first time playing with a rattle!

So cuddly!

Getting ready for his first Santa picture

Will's first trip to Shelby Farms

He loves to bite his bottom lip!

Trying to stay awake!

So thoughtful and inquisitive

Four generations!

Playing with beads!

He really does like the water, I promise!

Sitting all by himself!


Hoopin' it up!

He really likes watermelon

He loves his mommy!

With Nana outside Dolphin Stadium

At his first Major League Baseball game. The Marlins lost.

Not too thrilled about his boat with a steering wheel and a horn

Playing at John Pennekamp State Park

Snoozing after he fell asleep in the Atlantic Ocean

He's not too fond of the larger waves at Hollywood Beach

He likes the actual beach, though.

On the merry-go-round at Miami Metro Zoo

Petting a turkey, or as Kenneth called it, a chicken

Feeding a giraffe

Eating his "Z" in the bath

He likes baked ziti

At Suggs Park in Collierville

Spiked hair just like Daddy

At his computer desk


Nanny NonCross said...

Cool- o. Thanks so much for putting this together so we can enjoy the growing of your beautiful family. It looks like you have been having a grrrrreat summer. How did Will fall asleep IN the ocean?

Love to all.

Bettie Northcross

Nana said...

My beautiful baby! Thanks for putting this together, Karen. Now we expect new pics often!

Bettie, it was the most amazing thing about falling asleep in the water. We would be holding him in the ocean down in the Keys. The gentle lapping of the waves would put him soundly asleep. It happened twice! He's going to be our new little fishy- he absolutely loves the water.

Jenn said...

So cute!!! I still can't believe you have a kid, I didn't even know when you were preggers!!

Alice said...

Adorable pictures. Keep them coming. I don't get to see him in person often enough and they grow up so fast.

Love, Aunt Alice

Anne LeMar said...

Such a sweetie! And getting soooooo big, too! My first time to see some of these pictures.

Love from Meme