Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Sprinkler Park Fun!

We went back to the sprinkler park yesterday. We met Grandpa, Grandma, Emily, Lindsey, and Dylan there. I really think that is one of Will's favorite places to be, although the water was a little cold yesterday so I don't think he enjoyed it quite as much as usual.

Lindsey with Will watching the water.

Grandpa and Will after running through the rainbow. This was when we discovered that the water was cold.

Dylan running around like a mad-man!

This was the second time that Dylan went under the buckets. Unfortunately, this time he looked up right as the water came down. He was unphased, though.

Will looking around and taking it all in.

Dylan playing some more.

Will won't ever be accused of not paying attention!

Will loves Daddy!

Will playing with Daddy's stubble.

My favorite picture of the day. I think that Lindsey took about 20 pictures of Will before she caught one of him standing without holding on to anything. Kenneth says that he stood for 7 seconds, but he counts onetwothreefourfivesixseven, not one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand, six one-thousand, seven one-thousand. Anyway, he stood unassisted for a few seconds. I'm so proud!


Kenneth said...

It might have been 8 seconds. I can still remember the first picture of Will sitting up. You had to time it perfect. Then a few weeks later he had mastered sitting up. I think he will do the same with standing.

Nana said...

based on Karen's comment a little later in the thread, it won't be long at all before he takes off walking across the room! he looks SO cute standing there in his ball cap. Reminds me of Kenneth when he was a baby.....

Anne LeMar said...

I've got to get out to the sprinkler park with you one day!

Can't believe he's standing all by himself AND pulling up, too. What a big boy he's getting to be.


Lindsey said...

The picture of Will standing is priceless! He looks like such a handsome little man! He most definitely has his mama's eyes.