Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Very Belated Birthday Will!

Ok, since I have received numerous requests (mostly from Nana, Meme and her PS buddies) for birthday pictures, I thought I better get some put on the blog before I get disowned. Sorry it took me so long, but Will has finally decided to get some teeth! As a result, he has decided that he doesn't want to sleep. Oh yeah, he'd rather play than sleep too. Makes for one tired mama! Yesterday he napped for all of 30 minutes...

Anyway, here are some pictures from his birthday.

Eating yogurt for breakfast. It's one of his favorites (of course, he likes everything, so who can tell?).

Nana giving him a bath so he doesn't have yogurt all over him for his big day

Our first stop of the day was his cousin Anna's soccer game.Will hanging out with Aunt Debbie

Laughing with Uncle Bryan

Mommy, why won't you let me crawl on the soccer field?

Our second stop of the day was the Tiger's football game. Pouncer's Pals got to march around the field before kickoff, so of course we had to go do that.

The TSF kids before the march

Mommy and Will marching

Will eating Daddy's credentials

Will thinking that it is very hot and he wants to leave

Our last stop before the party was Memorial Park to visit Lila's grave.

And finally, the main event: Will's first birthday party at Aunt Debbie's house. Thank you so much for letting us have the party there. We all really enjoyed it.

Will chillin' with Papa

This cake took me forever to do and it is only about 6 inches tall. I don't think I have cake decorating in my future. My hand cramped up about half an inch into it. I had planned on making several of these so that each of the little kids could have one, but that idea quickly changed.

Sitting on Great-Granddaddy's lap This is my favorite picture of the day.

Opening the Duplos from Meme and Granddaddy.

Will and his cousins, Taylor and Wyatt, in the wagon

He's not quite sure what to do with the cake that I made for him.

He figured it out!

What a mess!

He loves sharing his food with his Daddy.

Daniel, Will, and Daddy swimming after the party

I guess it's better late than never. I did manage to get these pics up before he turned 13 months, so I think that's an accomplishment.


Casey said...

Happy Birthday, Will!

Happy Birthing Day, Karen!!!

Casey from NB

OpheliaZepp said...

thanks for posting! these are great!!

Allycat said...

thank you so much for posting them!!!! he is so handsome in all of the pictures...he gets it from his family....