Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GroBaby Diaper

I've been using cloth diapers part-time since Will was about 6 months old. I haven't tried the GroBaby diapers yet, but would love to. GroBaby is giving away a limited amount of their diapers. If you would like one, here's how:

1)Must be a new blog/pic etc.
2)You may blog about your likes/dislikes for Gro Baby OR post a new pic of your babe in Gro Baby OR blog that you'd like to try Gro Baby .
3)ALL, must be accompanied with this link, http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/grobaby%E2...2-ic-11_16.html
4)Email your link/address to customerservice@thenaturalbabyco.com WITH BLOG GIVEAWAY in the subject line.
5)We'll send each participant ONE FREE Pre Production Shell Set in Blackberry (sorry no other colors available)
6)One per family please.


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